The creation of an attractive greenspace that locals enjoy and value.


Redrow want to see Charlton Common become more accessible and enjoyed by nearby residents and the wider public.


The Common should be an enticing space where visitors are free to roam and enjoy the natural environment and tranquillity that it provides.

A landscape and ecological management plan has been prepared with the aim of improving the quality of the Common land so that it is a local asset for both people and wildlife.


The plan also seeks to ensure that the Common will be actively managed and maintained in the future, increasing its recreational value. A copy of the management plan can be downloaded here.



The proposed works include clearance of scrub with species rich grassland sowed to create habitats that are beneficial for wildlife and fauna. Scattered trees within the Common will be retained, along with a hedgerow bounding the Common, while individual native tree planting is also proposed. Mown pathways will be maintained to provide walking opportunities through the Common. By opening it up and increasing its visibility, as well as continually managing the common, it is expected to reduce the crime and antisocial behaviour that some residents have previously experienced.


As part of the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood, South Gloucestershire Council has identified Charlton Common as an important area of green infrastructure for protection and enhancement. The Council has therefore previously endorsed Redrow’s proposals to manage the Common and make it an accessible natural environment.